Hi, my name is Michiah.

Where did you volunteer and what did you do? michiah

In 2007, I signed up as a participant for the first university project. Our group spent six weeks building a care centre in Swaziland in a community with one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world. The experience was tremendously rewarding and was such a source of personal growth that I applied to become a team leader when I returned home. The next year, I went back to Swaziland with a team of my own to complete a similar project. The experience as a team leader was challenging and rewarding, and I took particular satistfaction from providing the best possible experience to my participants. The following year, I led another trip to Peru and also joined DWC's president, Wayne McRann, for an exploratory trip to Haiti. Finally, in 2010, I led trips to both Kenya and Nepal.

What impact did volunteering abroad have on your life?

My work with Developing World Connections was one of the most valuable experiences for me both personally and professionally. DWC provided me with extraordinary opportunities to grow and expand my skills and leadership. I was constantly challenged and always given the space to push further. DWC is an organization that recognizes commitment and allows each volunteer to make the best of their experience. I deeply appreciate the opportunities and trust that I was given and know that I would not have accomplished so with any other organization.

Why should someone become a team leader?

Becoming a team leader with DWC provides young people with an unparalleled opportunity to develop leadership skills that are highly sought after in the professional world. My work with Developing World Connections significantly contributed to me being hired by the 2008 Obama for America campaign and later by the David Suzuki Foundation. Being a team leader with DWC is a life-changing personal experience and an absolutely outstanding professional opportunity!

Michiah Prull works for the David Suzuki Foundation, managing a community leaders program to empower supporters to work on local projects.  In 2008, he managed a field office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the United States democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama. Michiah has been voted a Top 25 Environmentalist Under 25.

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